Alloy Project

The Next Generation Anonymous Cryptocurrency

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Alloy allows anyone to send money digitally over our decentralized blockchain instantly, anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world, anonymously.

Max supply: ~84 million · PoW algorithm: Alloy-Cryptonight · Difficulty algorithm: Alloy-Difficulty
Block reward: 74 XAO · Block time: 180 seconds

A private, fast and efficient Cryptocurrency.


Each transaction is secured with robust cryptography and distributed through a global peer-to-peer consensus network.


Alloy utilizes a cryptographic system to transfer funds without exposing any information of any user on the blockchain.


Alloy uses ring signatures to make transactions untraceable, meaning it is very difficult for blockchain analysis to determine if funds have been spent.

Limited Supply

No more than, 84 million Alloy will ever exist.

Fast syncing

Alloy’s block time is over x3 faster than Bitcoin, and uses the Alloy-Cryptonight mining algorithm.

ASIC Resistant

Alloy uses it’s own Alloy-CryptoNight algorithm which is ASIC resistant and, is minable on CPU and GPU hardware.

Low Fees

Alloy allows anyone to transfer money with nearly zero fees…

True Privacy

Alloy is one of a few rare cryptocurrencies with true privacy – a feature that makes digital currency act like physical cash and be essentially untraceable. Alloy is created with high level of secrecy in mind, leveraging Ring Signatures to conceal sources/amounts transferred and make it highly resistant to blockchain-analysis attacks and general snooping.

Fast Transactions

3 minutes block times assure for fast transactions and miner friendliness.

Easy To Mine

Difficulty changes along a smooth curve to assure a fair and equitable experience for miners.

Strong Security

Alloy utilizes the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network and every transaction is cryptographically secured. Individual accounts have a mnemonic seed displayed when created, which can be written down to back up the account and account files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they additionally protected.

Supply & Emission

Total supply: 84M coins in 20 years, then additional coins each year for inflation. Approximately 5% was premined and allocated for future development.

Coin symbol: XAO.

Hash algorithm: Alloy-CryptoNight (Proof-Of-Work).

Block time: 180 seconds.

Emission scheme: Alloy’s block reward changes every number of block following a hill like distribution. However, the emission path of Alloy is generally not far apart from that of Bitcoin.


Our community is growing day by day, join us!

Wallet Releases

You can also generate a paper wallet from
Test out your wallet and get free Alloy every day on



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More exchanges coming soon …



  • Comprehensive Web Wallet with PaymentID Generator
  • Web Browser Extension Wallet
  • IOS/Android Wallet
  • Disposable, one time use addresses
Merchant Integrations
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • IPN
  • POS (point of sale)
Encrypted Private Chat
  • Private and Scalable P2P messaging system on the Alloy Network
  • Chat functionality integrated within Wallet application
  • Decoy message technology
  • New Alloy-Cryptonight PoW algorithm which is resistant to ASICs, botnets and mining rental services.
  • Merged Mining with Cryptonotes that support this (ex MCN/FCN/XDN)
  • Web Browser powered mining
P2P Encrypted Protocol Peer Communication
  • Encryption at the lowest level communication layer
  • Next generation of Anonymity
  • Untraceable network communication paths
Coin Management
  • Alloy Fee Optimizer
  • Short interval unconfirmed transaction timeouts
  • Web Faucet for new users
  • New Miner bonus coins
  • Fee replacement for existing transactions
  • Dynamic transaction sizing
  • RingCT support



Why should I invest in Alloy?

Alloy was created with long-term ecosystem vision in mind with a comprehensive roadmap of new functionality for the privacy conscious individual.
Alloy’s team is comprised of a collection of seasoned crypto-engineers that want to reshape the path of privacy technology.
Alloy’s fundamental base of code is well known and rigorously tested. It provides a stable base from which to grow and add revolutionary new features.

What’s the long term plans for Alloy?

We have a comprehensive roadmap that details the new feature we plan to integrate into Alloy.

Where can I read your whitepapers?

Since our codebase inherients a number of Cryptonote features, you can view the standard whitepapers here:
We plan to add white papers detailing our net new features as detailed in the roadmap.

What does the team intend to do with premined coins?

The majority of the premined coins will be used to fund ecosystem projects and exchange listings.
We structured the project so 95% of the available coins were left for miners.


Development Team

  • Nighthawk

      Core Dev

  • Kh4n

      Core Dev

  • OxHaK

      Core Dev